A Glimpse of the Artist...

When she created her first piece of commissioned jewelry at age 13, artist Jan Schmidt probably did not realize the extent of her originality and skill, or that her art would grant her such great intrinsic rewards later in life. Now, however she enjoys pleasing people with her creativity and sharing her talent with them.

Jan, who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in jewelry design and metalsmithing, explains that "when you're artistic, it's so much a part of your personality that it's just a matter of finding an outlet for it."

She has definitely succeeded in discovering her own outlet - 18 karat white and yellow gold, platinum and diamonds. Yet, she does not limit herself by excluding other precious gems or materials.

One of Jan's main goals when designing a piece is "a highly crafted personal expression for the wearer." The result surfaces as a variety of unique pieces that reflect the character of both the artist and the wearer. With this aim, Jan tactfully distinguishes herself from other artists with an unparalleled emphasis on sensitivity.

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