An Unusually Comfortable Work of Art...

An equally important focus for Jan, when designing a work of art, is comfort.

"I have a huge commitment to the feel of a ring," she explains.

Characterizing her rings as "anatomically correct," Jan concentrates on the shape of the finger and its relationship with the rest of the hand. The end product therefore combines a comfortable fit with a ring that does not turn or slide on the finger.

Jan’s studio has been located in Southern California since 1978 and has expanded to carry other designers as well. Jan hand selects each collection, focusing both on originality and quality that she feels complement her studio and offer variety and value to her clientele.

Yet regardless of particular styles or individual preferences, Jan commits herself to creating and executing designs with integrity. Highly flexible, she strives to keep the wearer happy with her artistic talent long after the purchase of a design.

Unlike other designers, Jan Schmidt does not frequent jewelry shows or jewelry stores. Preferring to be untainted by the ideas of other - she enjoys visualizing and developing images from a clear imagination.

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